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--Introduction of the Lab--

         Key Laboratory of Hunan Province—“Energy Saving Control and Safety Monitoring of Rail Transportation“ is hosted by Central South University (CSU) , and is jointly constructed with CRRC ZHUZHOU INSTITUTE Co. Ltd.

       Focusing on basic theories and key technologies in the field of energy saving control and safety monitoring for rail transportation, the laboratory has set up 6 research groups in CSU and CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, including three research directions: energy saving control for rail transportation, rail safety monitoring and its verification method. The main research topics include: energy saving optimization for permanent magnet synchronous traction system, optimal operation control for train, status monitoring and fault diagnosis of rail transit system, health management technology of rail transit system for active safety guarantee, fault injection method and its realization technology and safety monitoring method test and verification platform.

       For the benefit of scientific and technical innovation, the laboratory actively explores the research organization forms and open management modes to make its a base to cultivate high-quality and high-level talents with innovative ideas and output original achievements. It strives to build the laboratory into an open key laboratory with important impact at home and abroad in the field of rail transportation.
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