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The laboratory sets up an opening research fund. Periodically, the laboratory releases project application guidelines, to attract scholars from home and abroad to conduct cooperative research or academic exchanges, as well promote research and development in the field of energy saving control and safety monitoring for rail transportation together.
Direction1: Energy saving control for rail transportation
(i)Energy saving control for permanent magnet synchronous traction system
(ii)Optimal operation control for train

Direction 2: Safety monitoring for rail
(i)Accurately measure and debug the geometry of high-speed railway tracks rapidly
(ii)Data analysis of safety detection for track

Direction 3: Safety monitoring for train in operation
(i)Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis for rail transportation system
(ii)Active security assurance oriented health management for rail transportation system

Direction 4: Verification techniques for safety monitoring method
(i)Fault injection methods and its implementation techniques
(ii)Safety monitoring methods test and validation platform

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