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       The laboratory is affiliated to Central South University (CSU) and adopts the operating mechanism of "openness, flow, competition, prioritizing, motivation and innovation". The laboratory actively explores scientific research organization forms and opening management mechanism that is conducive to scientific and technological innovation. At present, the relevant management systems established in the laboratory include “Laboratory work rules of Central South University”, “Academic Committee work regulations”, “Scientific and technological achievements rewards”, “Laboratory open management methods”, “Fund management for open topics”, “Laboratory external communication and academic activities management rules”, “Equipment management rules of Central South University”.

       The laboratory has hosted 9 domestic and international academic conferences and participated in 22 domestic and international academic conferences, with a total of 382 participants and 83 visits by famous scholars from home and abroad. Through discussing the development direction of rail transit and hot issues of research with domestic and foreign experts and scholars, the Lab has broadened the horizons of its members and increased its influence in China and abroad.

       The laboratory set up 14 open topics related to the research direction, including 5 key projects and 9 general projects, which supported the researchers to conduct in-depth exploration of the laboratory research content.

       The hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform for real-time fault testing and verification of the information control system of high-speed trains and the series software, which developed by the laboratory independently, are access-free to all the graduate students in the laboratory. The platform is used for nearly 9 months per year, with an average of 3 hours per day, providing the graduate students with semi-physical simulation experiments on the platform to promote the testing and verification of scientific theoretical achievements. The laboratory instrumentation is open to all undergraduate graduates led by laboratory researchers, and 12 undergraduate graduates complete their dissertations on the platform each year.

       To establish a complete virtual and semi-physical simulation platform in the field of energy-saving control and safety monitoring of rail transit, we make it available to the world through the internet (URL: gfist.csu.edu.cn).

       Via the way of "going out + bringing in", the laboratory shares high-quality experimental equipment resources and exemplifies the laboratory brand, which not only enhances the reputation of the laboratory in the field of rail transportation at home and abroad, but also increases the international vision of the laboratory staff. It provides the basis for clarifying and grasping the future research direction, and provides a good exchange platform for introducing and cultivating high-quality talents in the field of rail transportation energy saving control and safety monitoring.
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